Actuator/ Manipulator Parameters Remarks
shut off device, actuator


1:With automatic,manual clutch conversion.
3:Rated voltage:DC12V
4:Working voltage: 8 VDC-16 VDC
5:Workingcurrent: 20 mA-350 mA -1000 mA
6:Working power:0.24W-4.5W-10W
8:Automatic shut-off valve time: 3-8s
Electric valveopen time: 3-8sl Insulated resistance: >20M
9:Compression resistance: 600VDC
10:Working Environments:Temperature:-25°C~+85°C



     Three-dimensional adjustable bracket and large torque,Fit for all kinds of gas alarm,fit 1/2",3/4",1" different models of new and old,pipeline gas valve,butterfly valve.Easy installation,need not to change the gas pipeline in the original design configuration,the user can install it yourself.


     Adopt to DC or AC 12V,24V safe voltage;auto-off valve moves fast,reliable,alarm automatically shut down-home overall valve,completely cut off the gas source,high security;use of flame-retardant insulation sealed enclosure;anti-radio interference;special use patented electric technology,manual clutch conversion,robot can automatically operate the electric button switch,when the power off,if you want to mend it,please manual the valve switch for mending,double safety.(Compact structure,beautiful appearance)