Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel    
Photo Parameters Remarks
addressable fire alarm panel


Main power supply: AC 220V (+10%~-15%) .50HZ
Back-up power supply: DC 24V.4AH(built-in)
work consumption: Supervising status:≤3W;alarm status:≤10W(all 25 units fire detectors are in fire alarm status)
Basic supervise capacity: 2 loops.128 addressable points per loop;
External control unit: 5 pieces
External control unit contact capacity: DC 30V.1A.
Polling cycle: ≤10 seconds(single point continuous searching in abnormal situation)
Signal transmission distance: ≤1000 m(RVS-2×1.0mm2);≤1500 m(RVS-2×1.5mm2);
Alarm line wiring method : 2-wire bus
Voltage in alarm bus : 24V (18V~26V)
Operation temperature: 0℃~55℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Black box record number: Be able to keep latest 999 pieces records, including opening machine, close machine, reset, fire alarm, supervising, associated operation and fault alarm).
Associated operation programmable number: 100 pieces, including OR1, OR2 & AND logic.
Location conversion capacity: 2×250 pieces. each can have 10 Chinese Words or 20 English characters.
Fire alarm output relay :1 set(KA1、KA2), voltage free contact, close when there is fire alarm
Fault output relay: 1 set(YA1、YA2).voltage free contact, close when there is fault

Work with the addressable smoke alarm and heat alarm, AAS-1, AAH-1
addressable fire alarm panel


Input power:AC16.5V
MB Static current:300mA
Alarm Status:850mA
output power:DC13.8V
Alarming output: DC14V 800mA
Dimension:350 x 280 x 75mm
The BUS' length of keypad port should not be more than 1200m.

Address mould required